Press and Praise

What Others Say About Us

Mark Steele

Polly is determined and unafraid, filled with passion and talent ready for any challenge.

Mark SteeleCreative Director – Blue Planet Network
Peter Dixon

Working with Polly Green is always a pleasure. She approached the two shoots we did with good preparation, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Beside Polly as director and in front of her camera as interview subject I always felt comfortable. And her editing skills are first rate. I hope there will be more opportunities to work with Polly.

Peter DixonPresident - Octagon Productions, NZ
Jessie Stone

I just finished watching your Soft Power Health film and I think its great – I really like it and I think you touched on everything that’s important for us and did it in a really good and effective way. The filming is also really beautiful! I am excited to watch it again too! I think you did a fantastic job and I am really psyched about the piece.

Jessie StoneJessie Stone Founder – Soft Power Health