Who Are You Really?

How To Connect With Our Inner Child

Curled up in a tight ball, staring out the airplane window into the wide open expanse of infinite surreal clouds, tears streamed down my face the entire two hour journey to Kuala Lumpur.

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and sad my internal reset button needed pushing.

Time alone in nature, under the deep blue sea finds me back home within myself, always, and the plane could not fly fast enough.

Tuning in to my heart, my inner little girl was hiding and scared. “Why did you abandon me?” Little PG asked dejected, vulnerable, and shaking. “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” I repeated to my little, innocent self over and over until she came out of her dark closet reclusion. “I feel you, and I know we are not travelling well at the moment. It is time to do something about it. I know what makes you happy. I am honoring you, making space and time for you to play, and reconnect.”

Letting go of the drama, trauma, and overwhelm, solitude in mother nature and in the sea, provides the solution.

Life happens for us not to us.

External triggers act as sign posts that a lesson needs learning.

My lesson this month was learning the importance of saying NO.

Knowing when I need time alone, before overwhelm hits takes daily practice. Life gets busy, and people want our attention. Meeting a friend for a coffee when what I really needed was time alone provided the trigger catapolting me into self reflection.

My friend talked about herself the entire coffee date, and my inner little girl threw a temper tantrum, “ME, ME what about ME!? Polly you don’t make enough time and space for me.” Little PG was right. She needed my attention, and it was going everywhere else but to her.

Getting to know ourselves takes practice, time, attention, and awareness.

Here are my top tips on how to connect with your little you:

  1. Spend time everyday with your inner little girl/boy you. She/he lives in your heart. Drop down from your head space into your heart space. Visualize yourself as a small child safely living in a room designed by them in your heart. Go in and knock on their door. Begin a gentle dialogue with them. What are they doing? How do they feel? What do they need to feel safe, cared for and loved?
  2. What makes the little child you happy? Make a list of what these things are.
  3. Commit to doing things that the little you needs and wants to do. Spend twenty minutes a day with the child you. Perhaps she likes coloring with magic markers, going for a walk, playing with the dog, going for ice cream, swinging on a swing, swimming in the ocean, or dancing. Tune in and make your list.
  4. Now it is your responsibility to take care of your little one. No one else can do this for you.

Getting to know yourself starts with getting to know the little version of you. This is who you truly are, before the layers of life covered you over. Unravelling the layers and turning inwards, allows you to reconnect.

Knowing and taking care of ourselves is the most important, valuable action we can take today.

When we are connected and our little ones feel seen, heard, loved, and appreciated we then have cups that are overflowing. Only then can we truly give to others. Making ourselves top priority is the most giving thing we can do and how to truly create a change in the world.

We are all we truly ever have. Become your own best friend, and marry yourself. Begin this vital relationship now, and embark on the best love affair you will ever have. No one else can give you this, and it is not for sale.

Knowing yourself and what you need to feel balanced, clear, centered, and aligned makes life worth living.

Commit to taking the first step by turning off FaceBook for twenty minutes and spending that time with your inner little you. It will be time well spent and you are worth it.

When the little one within feels nurtured and cared for, joyful ease oozes out of us. This energy touches everyone in our radius. We are friendlier and more appreciative of others, when we give this attention to ourselves first.